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Below is a compilation of useful resources. As a faith-based organization, we understand the importance of offering supports that impart information and support from a Biblical perspective. Although we feel confident that all the resources we recommend hold to a Biblical faith, we cannot take responsibility for content.

OnlineCare   |   www.onlinecare.ca    
OnlineCare is a not-for-profit web service providing free and confidential assistance. OnlineCare staff and volunteers are trained in assisting individuals through the decision-making process of an unplanned pregnancy. In addition, grief counsellors are available for those who may be experiencing emotional pain as a result of an abortion.

Abortion Changes You   |    www.abortionchangesyou.com
Abortion Changes You is a refuge for those who wish to tell their story and begin the process of healing.


Living in Color: The Goal of Post-Abortion Recovery   |   Author: Jenny McDermid
Living in Color is a post-abortion recovery and healing program designed for use by a small, facilitator-led support group.
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Abortion Recovery Peer Counsellor’s Manual
Angie Côté, RN, RPN and Terri Reisser, MS, MFT, with Kim Olson
Hope for the Heart, 4th Edition Revised 2008 (for counsellors).
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Abortion recovery trainings   |   www.pacscanada.com
For clergy, professional counsellors, medical professionals, and pregnancy care centres.

Forgiven and Set Free: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Women   |   Author: Linda Cochrane
Forgiven and Set Free guides suffering and hurting women to bring their emotional scars from abortion
“out of the dark past and into His holy light,” where true and lasting healing can take place.
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Surrendering the Secret: Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion   |   Author: Pat Layton
Provides a personal study experience helping hurting women find the path to healing through honest,
interactive Bible study; meaningful group experiences; unique journaling exercises; and confidential, caring community.
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A Season to Heal   |   Author: Luci Freed
This is a book for women who struggle to come to grips with the lingering emotional pain of an abortion.
It assures readers that their pain is a valid, natural response to abortion, that they can find relief from it, and that healing is a realistic hope.
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Her Choice to Heal   |   Author: Sydna Massey
Her Choice to Heal is designed to help women find a way to God’s healing after the choice of abortion.
Written by a post-abortive woman, it includes testimonies of strength, healing, and hope.
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Men & Abortion Network; Reclaiming Fatherhood     www.menandabortion.net  

To promote emotional healing for men who have lost a child to abortion, and to create awareness among the counseling community, the pro-life movement and society as a whole regarding the impact of abortion on millions of these hurting fathers.

Healing a Father’s Heart: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Men   |   Author: Linda Cochrane and Kathy Jones
The authors walk hurting men through the stages of post-abortion stress, helping them move out of denial about the past and into acceptance and forgiveness. Men will learn about God’s unchanging, loving character, and his desire to forgive them and heal their father-hearts.
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Post-Abortion Grief Adaptation for Resilient Men – Mission 4 One   |   Author: Rick Bergh www.rickbergh.com
Mission-For-One (M-4-1) is a weekend retreat program for men who have gone through the abortion experience.
For information about upcoming retreats, please contact Rick by email at rick@rickbergh.com

The House of Esau Ministry Manuel: Ministering to Men Who Have Lost a Child to Abortion   |   Author: Dr. Scott Miller, M. Counseling, M. Divinity, D. Min
House of Esau offers weekend retreats in a non-judgmental environment where men can find the compassion of Christ in a supportive, non-threatening context.


Abortion Recovery Peer Counselling Trainer’s Manual   |   www.hopefortheheart.org
Angie Côté, RN, RPN and Terri Reisser, MS, MFT with Kim Olson. Hope for the Heart, 4th Edition Revised 2008 (for trainers).

Abortion recovery trainings   |   www.pacscanada.org
For clergy, professional counsellors, medical professionals, and pregnancy care centres.

Making Life Disciples   |   www.care-net.org
Care Net has developed the curriculum, Making Life Disciples, to help equip the Church to provide compassion, hope, help, and discipleship to women and men considering abortion.


Rachel’s Vineyard    |  www.rachelsvineyard.org
Rachel’s Vineyard weekends for healing after abortion are offered throughout the year in locations across the United States and Canada, with additional sites around the world. Rachel’s Vineyard is a ministry of Priests for Life.

Silent No More Awareness   |   www.silentnomoreawareness.org
An effort to make the public aware of the effects they say abortion brings to women, men, and their families.

Abortion Recovery International   |   www.abortionrecovery.org
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. (ARIN) is an affiliate association, dedicated to connecting and assisting like-minded abortion recovery centers, programs and services; as well as individuals working within the field. ARIN is the first and only network equipping and uniting abortion recovery efforts worldwide.

Abortion Recovery Centre / www.abortionrecovery.ca

The Abortion Recovery Centre is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is dedicated to providing comfort, healing and hope to women who have had an abortion in their past. We are compassionate, non-judgmental and safe. For women who have had an abortion and are experiencing difficult emotional reactions these disturbances can seem like they are “going crazy”. We offer a companioning model of grief counselling, walking alongside you becoming familiar with your abortion story.


Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women
Rigorously researched and scientifically documented, Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women, examines the role of abortion in almost every aspect of women’s health: depression, infertility, autoimmune disease, cancer, and intimate partner violence, to name a few.
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Abortion Canada   |   www.abortionincanada.ca
This site examines the effect and outcomes of the lack of a law on abortion. You will find statistics on abortion from government sources, health effects from studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, information on methods of abortion, funding, historical information and a great deal more.

Lifeway Research Study   |   Click here (PDF)
This is a Care Net study of women who have had an abortion and their views on church.

Elliot Institute   |   www.afterabortion.org


Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion   |   Author: Theresa Burke and David C. Reardon
Dr. Burke exposes the obstacles in the way of post-abortion healing, reviews the full range and depth of post-abortion adjustment problems and how to resolve them.
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Aborted Women – Silent No More   |   Author: David Reardon
Twenty women share their personal journeys from the tragedy of abortion to restored wholeness.
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