Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing support and resources to pregnancy care centres, communities, and individuals as they seek to offer accurate information and support to those impacted by an unexpected pregnancy.

Dr. Laura Lewis

Executive Director

Susan Dobson

Director of Operations & Events

Rebecca Peters

Director of Communications & Resource Development

Kimberley Jelley

Director of Training & Programming

Julie Goodwin

NLCA Facilitator

Irene Greer

Resource & Administrative Support

Linda Herron

Client Care Leadership Support

Karen Milley

NLCA Team Lead

Jasmine Owen

Content Creator and Editor

Florence Sevensma

Social Media Coordinator

Laurence Thiry

French Language Support

Connie Thurber

NLCA Facilitator

Board of Directors

Doug Blair
Board Chair

Doug founded Bluewater Baptist, in Sarnia, and served as lead pastor for over 35 years. He is a graduate of the Dallas Seminary and continues to provide leadership on numerous national boards. His wife, Detra, served as Executive Director of the pregnancy care centre in Sarnia for many years, acquainting him with the importance of this work.

Terry Hall

Terry has a strong belief in the sanctity of life and family. This passion, coupled with an extensive business and management background in the technology industry, enhances the operational and financial strength of Pregnancy Care Canada.

Heather Tapp

Heather serves as Executive Director of the Belleville Pregnancy and Family Care Centre. She has helped in the establishment of two satellite centres – the Anchor of Hope in Madoc, ON, and the Pregnancy & Family Care of Quinte West in Trenton, ON.

Brian Norton

Brian is a Pregnancy Care Canada co-founder and served as Executive Director of the Christian Advocacy Society (CAS) of Greater Vancouver. The CAS charity governs two pregnancy care centres, a residential shelter for abused women, a sexual assault recovery consortium, and OnlineCare Canada.

Michele Dawson

Michele brings over twenty years of experience as a registered nurse and volunteer leader. As an RN, she specialized in newborn health, concentrating on intensive care of prematurely born infants and their families. She also has a Leadership Degree and has experience working within the health care system of four provinces from coast to coast in Canada.

Norma Cody

Norma is the Executive Director of the Christian Advocacy Society in Vancouver, BC. For 16 years, Norma has worked as a pastoral counsellor, assisting women with crisis or short-term counselling needs related to an unexpected pregnancy, and with post abortion grief recovery, both in Canada and internationally. Norma holds a MA in Counselling from Cornerstone University.

Andrea Wingfield

Andrea comes from an insurance background and has worked specifically in the ministry insurance field for over a decade. She became involved with PCC through her insurance career and values the work PCC does to protect the sanctity of life and care for women across Canada.

Throughout the pandemic, as the needs have multiplied across the country, Pregnancy Care Canada (PCC) has been supporting centre staff and volunteers – they are caring for the caregivers. PCC is an invaluable resource.

Michele Dawson, PCC Board Member


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