Our Mission

We are a Christ-centred national best practice organization dedicated to affirming the value of every life by equipping pregnancy care centres and local communities with resources, education, and support to compassionately serve those challenged by an unexpected pregnancy.


We believe in the value of every woman, man, and child.

  • We believe every woman is capable of making her own well-informed pregnancy decision, and we want to help empower her to do so.

  • We believe information, compassion, and practical support help alleviate many of the challenges encountered with an unexpected pregnancy.

  • We believe every person is worthy of respect and care – regardless of their lifestyle, faith background, or pregnancy decision.

  • We believe that many women and men hurting from an abortion loss need a safe place to grieve and heal, and pregnancy care centres provide this.

  • We believe having a healthy mindset and an understanding of healthy relationships and intimacy is important.

  • We are a faith-based, Christian organization.

All Pregnancy Care Canada affiliated pregnancy care centres agree to our Commitment of Care and Competence.

Since 1997, Pregnancy Care Canada has been the most comprehensive Canadian source of expertise and mentoring in their field; equipping, connecting, and empowering pregnancy care centres to serve their communities effectively with gold-standard centres of care. Our compassionate, experienced, professional team provides comprehensive resources and support to pregnancy care centres, from coast to coast.


Behind each fear, lies hope. Behind each challenge, is an opportunity.

Help transform someone’s world today. It’s easier to do when we do it together.