There is a place for you

February 2023

by Rebecca Peters

If you aren’t sure or if you are wondering what to do about unexpected pregnancy, there is a place for you.

  • If you aren’t sure of your decision or the path to take
  • If you aren’t sure if or how you can help
  • If you aren’t sure what position to take that aligns with your values

There is a place for you.

There is a place where you can stand bravely, hold onto your values, and reach out. That place is at a pregnancy care centre.

If you aren’t sure of your decision or the path to take, a pregnancy care centre is a place where you can get the information you need on all three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. You can look down each path and talk about those paths with someone who is there just to listen and offer support.

An unexpected pregnancy may change your future, but it doesn’t have to limit it. It’s normal to feel everything you’ve been feeling – the good and the bad feelings. Making a decision can feel overwhelming, so it’s important to have accurate information and space to make the best decision for you. A pregnancy care centre offers both.

If you are looking for help – a centre near you or more information about unexpected pregnancy – you can find it here:

If you aren’t sure if or how you can help, a pregnancy care centre is a place where you can find out more about the issues and needs that are part of an unexpected pregnancy, and how you can help. It starts with listening and learning, and then taking action. It might seem like an impossible situation, but you can make a difference.

How can you help a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy? We believe the first and best response is summed up in the acronym L.O.V.E. Listen and seek to understand. Encourage her to be Open about all that she’s thinking and feeling. Remind her of her Value and help create a Vision for her future. Empower her with resources, referrals, and support. You can find out more at your local pregnancy care centre, and you can also download the free booklet Unexpected Pregnancy: How do I help her? here:

Maybe you see a need in your community, and you’ve been looking for a way to help that aligns with your values. There are a number of ways to get involved. You can offer financial support or get involved with your local pregnancy care centre. Or, if your community doesn’t have a centre, maybe you are looking for information and support to start one! There are a number of things to consider and steps required to establish a professional, enduring pregnancy care centre, and we can help. You can find more information here:

If you aren’t sure what position to take that aligns with your values, a pregnancy care centre can help you understand the complex issues that often surround an unexpected pregnancy. There are very strong opinions and polarized views on the topics of unexpected pregnancy and abortion. It can be hard to find a place and a voice amidst the harsh noise and debate. We understand.

At Pregnancy Care Canada and our affiliated centres, we choose to meet individuals impacted by an unexpected pregnancy with compassion. We find an alternate path between the polarized views – where every life involved is respected and we speak with a voice of care. A safe place is offered to talk through every option, any fears or pressures, hopes and dreams, and most importantly, values.

If this interests you and you would like to learn more about the approach we take, you can visit a PCC-affiliated pregnancy care centre or you can read more on our website at and

At Pregnancy Care Canada we believe every individual challenged by an unexpected pregnancy should have access to information and compassionate support.

We’re here to help. There is a place for you.