There is a place for you

There is a place for you February 2023 by Rebecca Peters If you aren’t sure or if you are wondering what to do about unexpected pregnancy, there is a place for you. If you aren’t sure of your decision or the path to take If you aren’t sure if or how you

Hope is Contagious

HOPE IS CONTAGIOUS March 25, 2020 by Rebecca Peters Our world has been turned upside down. As this “new normal” sets in, it’s been interesting to see what is no longer essential and what other needs still remain and are urgent. Our priority list has been rearranged. We’ve blinked and suddenly we’re

The Grey Zone

THE GREY ZONE August 30, 2019 by Rebecca Peters What is the grey zone? It’s a place of uncertainty. It’s hard to know which way to go, because it’s foggy and the paths are not clear. You know there are a number of choices, but you can’t see very far down each

Love trumps everything

LOVE TRUMPS EVERYTHING August 30, 2018 by Rebecca Peters I have some thoughts bouncing around in my head, thoughts and questions. Like, is it more important to be right, or to love unconditionally? Is it more important for others to know your personal values and opinion on things, or for them to


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