Healthy relationships are based on strong connections and respectful boundaries — which build hope and resilience for life’s challenges.

Video #1: Know Yourself

Every day we receive messages from others about who we are, who we are not, and who we should be. Understanding our identity can often be difficult or confusing. It’s like digging for buried treasure!

Video #2: Worthiness

Knowing who you are can help you trust in your abilities and judgement. Having a positive and realistic sense of self is part of building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Video #3: Self-Love

When you learn to love and value yourself, you become better at loving other people and establishing healthy relationships in your life.

Video #4: Dysfunctional Family

It can be tempting to leave the past in the past, buried deep somewhere in our mind. But because our past experiences strongly influence how we live life today, it’s important to do some “digging” and be aware of how our experiences shape us.

Video #5: Two Stories

There are two ways you can look at your scars and tell your story — one story is about fear, and the other story is about love. The amazing thing is you get to choose the story you tell — and the story you choose matters.

Video #6: Self-Care Tips

Self-care is a phrase we hear a lot today. It means taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness.

Video #7: Healthy & Unhealthy Love

Relationships exist on a spectrum or range from healthy to unhealthy. It is important to assess the health of the relationships in your life.

Video #8: Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are like a fence. Boundaries stop us from engaging in behaviours that could hurt us, and they protect us from being harmed by others.

Video #9: The Future Belongs

Dreams may inspire you, while goals stretch you and are based on action. Without goals, your dreams are likely to stay as wishes, hopes, and thoughts, and never become a reality. Goals are the path you take to make your dreams come true.