You don’t need to figure it out on your own. We’re here to help!


Over the past 20 years, we have learned so much about how to begin and run a local pregnancy care centre. Many of these lessons have been written down, shared, and added to. We are grateful to the leaders of yesterday and today who have pioneered initiatives which reflect how to authentically, lovingly, and respectfully come alongside a client who is on a journey – whether related to a pregnancy, a prior abortion, an adoption, or the practical challenges of life that can make having a child feel impossible.

We often say to clients “you are not alone”. Well, we also say this to the many staff and volunteers across Canada – You are not alone!

If you are feeling unsure about beginning this work in your community – the best place to start is to ask for help and find out more!

At Pregnancy Care Canada, we are here for you and we are dedicated to continuing to improve the way we equip and resource the work of local centres.

Everyone at our centre has tremendously enjoyed the Pregnancy Care Canada conferences! While each centre will adapt to serve their own community in a different way, Pregnancy Care Canada is essential in uniting us all and providing support as we all seek to serve the people around us.

What does practical support look like?

  • Coaching and practical support for communities starting a pregnancy care centre

  • Online training opportunities

  • Three-day comprehensive training for new centre directors

  • Annual Pregnancy Care Canada National Conference with practical workshops, keynotes, spiritual encouragement, and networking opportunities

  • Access to online training modules for staff, board members, and volunteers

  • Practical manuals specific to pregnancy care work

  • Exclusive access to a comprehensive affiliate resource website

  • Coaching and mentorship as needed

The Pregnancy Care Canada National Conference was a wonderful, empowering, and inspiring time to all come together with one heart to connect, learn and receive support.


Behind each fear, lies hope. Behind each challenge, is an opportunity.

Help transform someone’s world today. It’s easier to do when we do it together.