Unplanned Pregnancy

Do you need a pregnancy test?

You may be having some early pregnancy signs, but other factors can cause similar symptoms of pregnancy. It’s important to take a pregnancy test to be sure. 

An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. If you would like support as you take the test and want to learn more about your options if you are pregnant, we can help! 

You don’t have to face this alone. There are people who can help you – listen to what your fears and pressures are and give you accurate information on your options. 

This may change your future, but it doesn’t have to limit it. 

Find a Pregnancy Care Centre

You don’t have to be alone. We’re here to listen and help.

Online Care Canada

Need help but not able to connect in person? Connect online!

Option Line

Text or live chat 24/7. There’s someone ready to help.

You can also watch videos to hear from women who had unplanned pregnancies.

You can look through the Options Magazine for information on pregnancy, fetal development, and pregnancy options.