At Pregnancy Care Canada we believe every individual in Canada challenged by an unexpected pregnancy should have access to accurate information and compassionate support.

Who We Are

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In Canada, almost half of all pregnancies are unexpected.

When this happens, it may be hard for a woman to know which way to turn and where to find help. Suddenly, her circumstances have radically changed, and her future looks different.

Who is there to help her?

We want to ensure that someone is there – whether online, or in-person at a local pregnancy care centre – someone is there to compassionately listen and respond to her unique situation with accurate information and practical support.

How does Pregnancy Care Canada help?

We work with you to establish, equip, and encourage pregnancy care centres across Canada, so that anyone impacted by an unexpected pregnancy has access to the support they need.

Our Mission

Together We Can

Establish. Equip. Encourage.

Start-Up Tools and Support

We work alongside local communities, providing practical start-up tools and coaching to help establish new pregnancy care centres.

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Equip and Train

We provide up-to-date resources and training to support centre personnel to do their work with excellence.

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We provide a nation-wide network that connects centre personnel from sea to sea, providing emotional and spiritual support.

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Behind each fear, lies hope. Behind each challenge, is an opportunity.

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