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Welcome to Pregnancy Care Canada’s Registered Developing Centre Course! This course will guide you step by step through pregnancy care centre development. Course topics include:

  • Foundational training – understanding pregnancy care centre clients and how to provide caring help
  • Steering Committee – its purpose, formation, goals, and activities
  • Communication – how to accurately and effectively share the vision for your developing pregnancy care centre with others
  • Board of Directors – its role, formation, and training
  • Finances and location – best practices and fund development
  • Legal considerations – incorporation, bylaws, and charitable status
  • Hiring the Executive Director – an executive director’s role, other staffing considerations, and required training
  • Branding and marketing basics – how to begin branding and marketing your developing pregnancy care centre
  • Volunteer recruitment – how to attract and retain volunteers during the early stages of pregnancy care centre development
  • New centre consultation – understanding the support and training that is provided

Please click on the file below to view the Table of Contents for this part of the course.

As you work through the course, we are here to support you! Please direct any questions to [email protected]

May God bless you as begin the process of opening a pregnancy care centre in your community.