What You Can Do

The federal government continues to communicate that the government is “fully committed” to removing the charitable status of “anti-abortion organizations that provide dishonest counselling to women.” We agree that dishonest counselling is not acceptable. However, it remains unclear how the government will implement this mandate because the issue of “dishonest counselling” remains undefined. It is important that the decision-makers understand the work of Pregnancy Care Canada and our affiliated centres.

Now is the time to care and take action. There may only be a brief window of time to educate and advocate.

Many MPs are unaware of these concerns. Speaking with your MP is a tangible way to have an impact in this area!


1. Stop in at your MP’s office. (Find Members of Parliament)
Indicate that you would like the opportunity to speak with the MP about your concerns regarding the government’s threat to revoke charitable status and that you support the valuable work done at your local centre. If possible, share a story of how you’ve been helped or about a client who benefited from the care provided, or why you feel the centre is needed in your community.

More information can be found in the Pregnancy Care Canada FAQ document. You can view and download it here.

2. Phone your MP’s office.
Share a similar message as above.

Add more context to why you care about the centre and why you believe the work of the centre is important. Ask for the MP or staff to follow up with you about what the MP’s position is.

3. Correct misinformation and errors in the comments section of articles or send a letter to the editor.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for caring enough to take action. Your voice is important.