PCC Hope Hub Health Care Affiliates Program

The PCC Hope Hub Health Care Affiliates Program supports pregnancy care centres across Canada who wish to add specific health care services, including sexual health care and point of care ultrasound, to their current client care.


  • STI testing and on-site treatment provide the opportunity to establish rapport with sexually active women and men at risk of an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Sexual health care services provide clients with convenient and confidential access to medically accurate information on sexual and relational health risks and timely access to treatment.
  • Whole-person care connects a woman considering abortion to her physical well-being and her emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
  • An ultrasound allows for highly individualized care planning for a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Combining ultrasound with pregnancy options support empowers informed decision-making.


Pregnancy Care Canada offers the PCC Hope Hub Program with the support of Focus on the Family Canada. Through this program, a team of health care, leadership, and communication experts partner with pregnancy care centres wanting to add specific health care services to their client care. This care may include pregnancy options support, point of care ultrasound, and screening, assessment, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. The Hope Hub Team assists boards, directors, and staff through the process of integrating health care into their current client care approach, supporting them in fully complying with legislative and regulatory requirements and ensuring the delivery of high quality, client-centred care.


The PCC Hope Hub Program is staffed and supported by a growing team of paid and volunteer health care, legal, and other professionals including, but not limited to, physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and sonographers.

If you would like to join our team or have more information, please contact Health Care liaison Carolyn Wadsworth, B.Sc.N., MN via the form below with your detailed request.