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Pregnancy Care Canada Consultations*


Take the quiz below.

  • We have a new Executive Director

  • We have had a large Board turnover recently

  • We are not sure if we are on track

  • We need clarity on the roles of Board & Executive Director

  • We want to see higher client numbers

  • We need to raise more funds

  • We do not have a current strategic plan

  • We want to expand, but aren’t sure how

  • We are thinking of starting a satellite centre

  • We are dealing with conflict

  • We need mentorship – a consultant who fully understands the unique needs of a pregnancy care centre

If you checked one or more, contact us to learn more about pricing, availability, and how a PCC consultation can enhance your centre’s effectiveness!

*PCC Consultations are an exclusive benefit to our Pregnancy Care Canada affiliates

“The consult supplied the necessary information that will assist us as we move forward. One of your primary areas of focus was the board- director roles and this was covered very thoroughly.”

PCC - Affiliate Centre Board Member

“We found our strategic planning with our PCC Consultant very helpful in all areas. We have made changes to better meet the needs of the client. We are implementing several ideas for more fundraising. The Consultant’s insight was invaluable.”

PCC - Affiliate Centre Board Chair

“I truly feel that the consultations are integral of any centre’s growth. Whether it is a brand new centre or a veteran centre who maybe needs a little ‘refresh’, I think everyone needs to take advantage of these services and invest in their centre’s health.”

PCC - Affiliate Centre Director

“Our PCC Consultation was critical in addressing longstanding interpersonal issues, as well as enabling the team to come together to make hard but necessary decisions. It also was helpful in creating a roadmap for the actual execution of those decisions. The refresher on Board and ED roles also cleared up a few misconceptions, helping establish a healthier Board/ED relationship.”

PCC - Affiliate Centre Board Chair